Gaming Framework BenefitsCaptivate

Captivate your clients and staff with engaging and interactive experiences. Interface directly to modern technology and API's to build solutions for Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and AI.

Modern gaming frameworks cross-compile to all major operating systems with a single codebase. Deliver fast GPU driven performance to your UI and make use of animation, 3d and physics engines.

Engage your customers,
train your staff.

Utilise games around your business and products. Constuct a fun game around a brand to boost customer awareness and retention. Build engaging and interactive training guides for your products.

Brand Boost

Boost your brands by creating fun interactive games. Run competitions and give prizes away for high scores. Gamify your products.
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Training Apps

Build interactive training apps with quizes, levels and virtual prizes. Create virtual training tools for machinary and safety.
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Future Proof

Build your solutions so they are ready for the future. Gaming frameworks are evolving to utilise augmented reality, virtual reality, AI and voice control. Begin to utilise these frameworks for your future business plans.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Augmented reality libraries have become available for mobile phones enabling you to overlay your virtual products into a clients surrounding. Gaming frameworks have plugins to VR headsets such as Oculus Rift to totally immerse a user into a virtual world.

AI and Voice Control

Plug into AI voice controlled API's with Alexa, Google Actions, Cortana or Siri. Customise and train these systems to add voice control to your apps. Have these systems answer questions to guide your users. Use these technologies to help and work for you.


Glasir Games can lead you through the entire development lifecycle of creating your game. We will help you find the right frameworks, API's, code libraries, developers and animators to make your project a success.

Technology Stacks

Not sure exactly what technologies to use or what type of game to build. We can help you conceptualize a game and choose a framework.

Project Management

We help you plan the entire game out. From concept to wireframe to proto-type. We aim to achieve a positive business outcome.

Animation and Coding

Need help creating your game? We also offer animation and coding services. We can build your whole solution from beginning to end.

Games and solutions we helped design and build.

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