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    Build a custom AI Service Bot around your business.

Conversational Service BotsCommunicate

Glasir Games builds custom AI driven conversational service bots for your business. Whatever you require, we can build it. Construct your bot to give directions, take orders or provide product information by just speaking to it. Integrate into existing websites or apps.

Provide extra services to your customers without the extra staffing costs. We work with you to ensure the AI answers the questions your customers ask. Program the AI for your front of counter services and utilise existing staff members elsewhere.

Boost your products,
engage your customers.

Utilise the AI to ask questions from your customers. Gather their contact details or ask them questions about products they maybe interested in. The use cases are endless.

Product Boost

Boost your products by showing videos or product information if a customer asks for it. Upsell products with your AI.

Engage Customers

Have the AI take a customers order. Free up your time to serve the customers need. Ask questions from customers and record their answers.


Building an AI service bot for your business is not quite straight forward. It requires analysing your staff and customer interactions to identify and group repetitious engagements. The AI is then trained to deal with those encounters and integrated into your chosen medium, be it a website or app. Glasir Games can train your AI for you. We can also train your existing dev teams to create and code with AI services.

Train AI

We can train and setup the AI for you. Glasir Games provides full AI training and coding solutions to meet your needs. Full consultation and development services provided.

Train Dev Teams

Glasir Games runs 1 - 3 day training courses for your dev teams. We provide intensive AI usage and code integration training. Get your dev teams up to speed.

Add a human element to your service bot

Glasir Games can integrate your AI with List Premiers Zenobot, bringing a human element to your service bot. Zenobot utilises a 3d avatar and lip-sync software to make your bot more approachable. Enquire now.

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